Refinishing Antique Furniture - You've heard that refinishing old furniture can diminish the value on antiques roadshow. So when is it okay to clean, repair and refinish an antique? Read on for more information on furniture refinishing and restoration. Unless the piece is an American masterpiece of antique furniture or finished with a hand-painted technique restoring the piece may actually do you more good than harm when it comes to value. And you can actually bring a piece of old furniture back to life with minimal effort in many cases. Just make sure it's not a piece made by a well-known craftsman.

Antique Restoration News

Restoration News brings you informative articles about antique restoration, antique repair and antique preservation.

On the Restoration News website you’ll find “How To Restore Antique” articles for antique Furniture, Appliances, Lighting, Pottery, Art, Textiles and more.

We search the country for antiques to restore and bring back to life. In our antique restoration studio, we’ll guide you through the process of restoring antiques. We’ll also evaluate products we use such as finishing supplies, specialty tools and hardware.

Recently we have been focusing on refinishing furniture using high quality finishing products and professional techniques. In this series of articles you will learn how to create a predictable fine wood finish that can be applied to any furnishing. You will also find how easily a beautiful wood finish with that deep hand-rubbed look can be achieved. Our articles teach how to refinish using original methods and products wherever possible so your end results are both stunning and authentic to the period. 

Upcoming you will find an article describing how to create a high quality French Country finish in opaque lacquer. We are also publishing an article about hardware restoration and electroplating in nickel, copper and brass. You can learn how to do electroplating in your shop as well. There’s much more to come and thanks to our readers Restoration News is becoming a leading website for antique restoration.

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Announcements and Events
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Articles and Reviews
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Professional Refinisher Spotlight, Richard Patnoe of Wooden …
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French antique articulating musical bird gets new life.
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Using Dalmar Electroplating Solutions
Electroplating - The Dalmar Way
Refinishing Original Antique Hardware
Three Steps to a Beautiful Finish
Easy Multi-Step Finish with Mohawk Finishing Products

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